How to register with The Panel Station

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Have you been thinking of ways to maximize your earnings while watching your favorite T.V. soap or a “can’t miss this one” Football game?

This holiday season step into the world of The Panel Station and make sure you don’t have to spend another minute on thinking but rather earning through The TPS APP (Download the TPS App Here).

The Panel Station is a 3.71 million panelist strong and an example of a bond and care that surpasses boundaries. The diversity of our panel members lie in the various geographies they belong to& in their diverse opinion that they share with us. We honor our valued panel members with PayPal points worth $300 for their opinion. We disburse $2 Million worth reward points every year.

Wondering about what becomes of the opinion?

The opinion that our panelist share is put across to the global premier brands. The brands from around the globe rely on opinion from their consumers in order to bring new innovation in products and services that we use.

We at The Panel Station, take your opinion through the online surveys. After completion of each survey successfully, your account will get credited with reward points which you can redeem as PayPal voucher.

Here is how you can begin your journey with us:

Download The Panel Station App from HERE

  1. Register with your e-mail ID and phone number.
  2. Verify your mobile with the OTP sent to you.
  3. Verify your e-mail ID
  4. Tada! Take online surveys→ Share your Opinion→ Earn Rewards→Redeem as PayPal cash

Register with the e-mail ID and mobile number you registered with PayPal.

In case you work on a Laptop or a Personal Computer the process to register is mentioned below:

  1. Click HERE to register
  2. Register with your e-mail ID and phone number.
  3. Verify your mobile with the OTP sent to you.
  4. Verify your e-mail ID
  5. Take online surveys→ Share your Opinion→ Earn Rewards→Redeem as PayPal cash

Once you join us, the limit to your happiness will know no bounds.

The ways to earn are unlimited at The Panel Station, the only thing you gotta do is EXPLORE your ways to earn more everyday.

The opportunities are many but the time is a limited, thus stay updated with your emails and the social media happenings.Following social media alone can drive your success story of earning as much money as possible through TPS.

The chance to earn $300 worth PayPal cash awaits you further during the Monthly Prize Draw.

To enter the Monthly Mega Prize Draw, all you need to do is buy the tickets with the points you earned through the surveys.Read more about this grand win in our blog:

Register now to add an excitement and no regret T&C* on your holidays this year.

Liked the idea of sitting on your couch with your phone and the earnings that you get just with some effort of Registering. Taking Surveys and Redeem? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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