Decorating your home can be a tedious task. You can go all out and buy the most amazing antiques, glassware, china, or relics and still feel your abode is dull or rearrange the furniture or put up new wallpaper and feel you have mastered the art of home décor. It’s a matter of preferences; some like a house devoid of empty spaces and some believe in the idea of “less is more.”

But one thing that both these kinds of people have to keep in mind is the budget. Smart planning and purchasing can help you buy the stuff you want without burning a hole in your pocket. And New Year is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time for redecorating your home.

Let’s discuss some smart and affordable home décor ideas:

Rearrange the furniture

It’s an ancient myth that furniture once moved to a particular place at your house shouldn’t be moved. You can be surprised how different your room or drawing room can look and feel if you rearrange the furniture. Move the sofa against the wall or place the bookstand near the lamplight or place the coffee table differently, and the same old place starts to look new.

Declutter the collectables

We are all guilty of cluttering—admit it! Well now, you can brilliantly declutter as well as rearrange your collectables to give a fresh look for your showcase. Move things around; experiment with the stuff you have; get rid of crap that you once considered necessary, and you might start feeling why you didn’t do it earlier.

Oxygen up the place

Go green is the mantra, and our home shouldn’t be any different. We spend considerable time being at home, so breathing fresh should be a priority. House plants add a vibrant look to your home and can also give you a sense of nature in the concrete jungles. Plants like Syngonium, Dieffenbachia (Dumb canes) and Peace lily are aesthetic looking and easy to maintain.

Color the plain walls


Dull looking plain walls can potentially bring down the aura of your home and repainting the walls is laborious work. An easy solution for this is wall stickers—also called wall vinyl, or wall decal. These vinyl stickers are stuck to walls and come in countless designs comprising of pictures, quotes, words, or murals. Besides, they are cheap, and you can often change whenever you are in the mood of seeing some new wall art.

Brighten up the glasswares

Subtle lighting can bring a soothing tone and fantastic ambience to your home. If you have old glassware, wine bottles, or pickle jars you can make it a beautiful piece for your home by placing LED string lights inside the bottles/jars. These LED lights come in a variety of colors and creative designs. Additionally, you can hang the string lights on the walls or tapestry to give a vibrant look to the household. It makes for a great night lamp too.

Take away

Decorating your home should always be a personal choice based on one’s budget, time, and likings. Further, not going overboard with your home décor spending gives you the freedom of investing your money on long term goals. If you are looking for additional ways to make money and earn vouchers, then The Panel Station is the place to be.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic, LA Galaxy

There’s no questioning the face of MLS this season. Zlatan has set the MLS on fire and pretty much all his goals, could be contenders for goal of the season. There would be very few people who would’ve doubted Zlatan’s ability, but not only has he justified his move to the MLS but he has also become MLS’s top top man. Blessed with immense technique and ability, Zlatan has scored 22 goals in just 27 appearances for the Galaxy. And his attitude? Well, it’s fair to say MLS has found the next big thing after David Beckham.

Miguel Almiron, Atlanta United

The attacking midfielder has terrified defenses this season with Atlanta United. His decision making skills, willingness to set up his team mates and unbelievable pace has propelled Atlanta United to the 2018 MLS Cup this season. His performances have also attracted interest from top clubs in Europe. Arsenal, Newcastle united ad other clubs are looking at the possibility of bringing him into Europe. With age and time on his side, Almiron could make the move to Europe and improve much more as a player!

Josef Martinez, Atlanta United

With 31 goals this season, Josef Martinez has become the highest goal scorer this season. Zlatan Ibrahimovic came in second highest with 22 goals to his name. Scoring more the Zlatan speaks volumes about Martinez’s quality. Along with Miguel Almiron, Martinez formed an excellent partnership making Atlanta United the champions of MLS this season. Playing as a left winger or as a centre-forward, the Venezuelan is sure to attract interest from Europe’s top clubs.

Wayne Rooney, DC United

The former Manchester United player has become a very important player for DC United. Captaining the side, Wayne Rooney has delivered some special performances this season. From last ditch tackles to scoring important goals, Wayne Rooney has become a fan favorite at DC united. With a couple more additions, DC united can certainly challenge for the MLS cup next season. Still 33, Rooney has a good 3 or 4 years in him and being a versatile player, he can comfortably hold that central midfield position till he retires. Rooney has always won trophies for his team and DC United have a captain that can bring the silverware in the near future.

Ignacio Piatti, Montreal Impact

Ignacio has been a consistent performer for Montreal Impact for the past few seasons. This time around, Piatti has done one better. The midfielder has scored 16 goals and recorded an MLS career-high 13 assists this season. It’s fair to say Piatti has had a huge influence in Montreal Impact’s season. Piatti has made the all-star team in each of the last three seasons. Still 33, Piatti still has a few good years left in him and with a few good additions, Montreal Impact can create major impact in the next MLS season.

Are you in the lookout for a pair of running shoes? Check out our blog on the 5 running shoes that we recommend:

Best running shoes to buy

The most important part of any shoe is your experience over the hundreds of miles you’ll take them on. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner who is looking to get into the game or an experienced runner who already has a lot of miles on him. There are a variety of features to look out for while purchasing a running shoe: lightweight, cushioning, support and a comfortable fit.

Here are the 5 of the best running shoes that we feel you should buy for your needs:

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is the perfect choice for everyone, be it a beginner or a professional runner. For decades, the Pegasus has been a do-it-all model that can handle high mileage as well as it can upticks in speed. Nike has given it the lightweight foam, which is exceptionally springy. The Pegasus 35 is available for a reasonable price, too, giving you a great value for the cost. The fact that you can wear this shoe for so many different types of training, and as a runner of any level, also makes it a great buy. The shoe also looks stunning during casual use.

Saucony Freedom ISO 2

With a mix of both comfort and stability, the Freedom is a great shoe for distance runners. It is an upgraded version of the revolutionary Freedom ISO. A few small changes were made to the original version, resulting in a more comfortable and natural feeling ride. The added comfort makes this shoe even more ideal for every day runs than its predecessor. The faster you run, the zippier it will feel, so it’s a perfect pick for speedsters who like to tear up the road and track.

New Balance 890 V6

This shoe strikes the right balance between just enough cushioning while still feeling light [9.2 oz (M), 7.6 oz (W)] and energizing. The 890 V6 is easily the type of shoe you could walk around all day in, but it really shines on long runs and recovery runs. This shoe is perfect for running at a good speed. So the faster you run, the zippier it will feel. This shoe also features an internal sleeve that wraps the foot in a snug cocoon, so it can give you great comfort even under harsh conditions.

Hoka One One Bondi 5

The Hoka One One Bondi 5 is not only a great running shoe, but a great update on the Bondi 4. While it may look like the ugly duckling of the bunch at first, this shoe delivers when it comes to comfort. The Bondi 5 also has more room for your toes compared to the Bondi 4, so you can expect better comfort with these. Your foot sits down in the cushioning quite a bit, and much of it wraps up and around giving these shoes a pillow-like feel. So you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable after using this for a short or a long period of time.

Adidas Terrex TrailMaker

The TrailMaker is a solid choice for runners who want to take on a variety of terrain without losing confidence in their traction. The versatility of the Terrex TrailMakerwill deliver, whether you have an adventurous spirit that loves mountain races and ultra-running, or you’re simply looking for a way to lose the suit and tie and unwind with a run on the trails. The roomy fit and new engineered mesh are ideal for long training runs, when feet swell. There’s also an added layer of film over key areas of the foot for extra support and a lace pocket on the tongue.

Since you are here, you might also want to check out the advantages of having a Smart Home. You can read the blog below:

5 ways a Smart Home can enhance your life

Gadgets are getting smarter day by day. Be it your smartphone, your laptop or even your television, these things can do way more than what they could a few years ago. You may have already heard about Virtual Assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. You may have used them on your smartphones to ask basic questions such as “Hey Siri, where is the nearest gas station?” But they are capable of doing way more than that.

So, here are 5 ways on how a Smart home can improve your life:

You can control and automate your home’s lighting system

Lighting accounts to more than 30% of a home’s energy consumption. Smart lights can do way more than just saving money. You can control your lights either with your smartphone, or with just your voice. You can have presets saved so that the lights work exactly the way you want them to. You can set when the light turns on at night, or set the lights to turn off automatically when there is no motion detected. You can set your lights to slowly brighten when you want to wake up, turn on when you’re away to make it look like someone is home, turn off automatically when you leave the house, and so much more.

You can prevent a disaster

We all know that a minor gas leak can lead to a huge disaster. In a Smart Home, you can be notified easily if there is a gas leak or if water is leaking and is detected by the sensor. Also, you can also set the device to automatically dial up 911 once a leak is detected so that you don’t have to worry about calling the emergency services manually. You can also set up a siren or alert lights to go off when there is a leak detected in the system.

You can control your doors and make your home more secure

Manual door locks are a thing of the past. How cool would it be if you could get your door to automatically unlock when you’re making your way in? Well, this is actually possible in a smart home. You can set up a camera which detects your face when you are entering your home and unlock the door in an instant. What more, the door will also lock automatically once you enter your house. Isn’t that awesome? Now you don’t need to worry about leaving the door unlocked when you leave your house.

You can stay connected to your family

With a Smart Home, you can easily monitor your children and pets, even if you’re away from home. You can easily get notified when you’re kids come home from school or if your dog has left your house unexpectedly. You can easily control your pet feeder with the help of your smartphone so that you’re pet doesn’t starve or isn’t over-eating. You can also set-up a camera outside your home if you have any unexpected visitors.

You can order groceries and other essentials

With online shopping, a Smart Home can make sure you receive fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, and milk on a regular basis. There are many tasks a Smart Home can handle when it comes to online shopping.  Making sure the fridge is stocked, slogging off to the shops daily or weekly, and fighting the crowds is all an absolute pain. So with the help of a Smart Home, it can make sure that you receive fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and meat on a regular basis.

Since you are here reading about how to make your home smarter, you might also want to check out these gadgets which are a perfect buy this holiday season. You can read the blog here:

Gadgets to buy this holiday season

Blow your mind with the beauty of USA. Travel the unknown this Christmas Holiday.

Christmastime is a wonderful time to get away. Whether you are looking to escape the cold weather and get tropical or have a more traditional experience with snow and cold weather, or looking for a quaint town with big Christmas spirit,we have some inspiration for you.

Magic Mountain Ski Area, Vermont

Magic Mountain has a history that’s still very much in evidence. Magic Mountain by far is the best, steepest and hardest terrain in Southern Central VT. You cannot find black & double black diamond run at any of the larger resorts (Stratton, Okemo, Killington) that can compare to Magic’s legendary terrain. Never any crowds, no fancy high speed lifts, skiing Magic is like stepping back into the80’s.

This is classic New England skiing with narrow trails, some thin cover, ledges to hop, etc. The base lodge is all you need and the tavern is fantastic for anyone looking to get their groove on.


The town keeps Christmas going all year round, but in December, the town and Christmas make it worthwhile. The annual North Pole ice contest attracts sculptors from all over the world and after a visit here, itwould very difficult not to believe in Santa. Beautiful lights, fireworks,incredible atmosphere and the festive spirit are all over the town. Maybe Santa himself designed the town.

There is also the Santa Clause house, where thousands of children have written to Santa with their Christmas wishes. You can also visit the Festival of Lights in Petersburg, Winter Arts Fair in Ketchikan, Holiday market and events in Juneau and also the Santa Train at Tanana Valley Railroad Museum.

Times Square, NewYork

Everyone knows Times Square is famous for those tall buildings and huge electronic billboards. If you think Times Square is beautiful on normal days, then wait till you see it in the month of December.Christmas lights, endless holiday shops, people from all over the world spreading Christmas cheer, skating areas, incredible deals, and just the atmosphere – Times Square on Christmas day is Magical. No wonder it’s in everyone wish list. Santa, are you listening? It’s one everyone’s wish list.

A melting pot of people, one can expect people from all over the world during Christmas. Filled with events like dropping the Christmas ball, the big tree choir, & a lot more, Times Square can truly fill one with happiness.

Solvang, CA

Solvang celebrate Julefest, a Danish Christmas festival,with unique events one would not find anywhere else in the USA. With outdoor animal pageants, choirs, opera singers in amphitheaters, free visits with Santa and a whole lot more, this maybe a different Christmas, but a beautiful one indeed. It is a favorite among children, families, and couples. Solvang has a lot of Danish influence and it is evident in their one of a king boutiques and specialty stores. From clogs to Danish porcelain, there are loads of items that could be the perfect gifts to your loved ones.

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs has a unique holiday cheer to lift your spirits. You will definitely fall in love with its beautiful mountains and beauty. Almost anywhere you turn, its picture perfect. Santa Express trains and Madrigal Dinner inside a Colorado castle are a must visit during the holiday season. This Rocky Mountain city is also home to North American Aerospace Defense Command’s (NORAD) Track Santa program across the globe.

Garden of the Gods will be great for a quick visit. If clear of snow, hiking and visiting the red rocks is great. There’s a penny arcade in Manitou Springs in which you could spend a couple of hours, maybe combine that with burger at Meadow Muffins in Old Colorado City, especially if you do Pikes Peakor Garden of the Gods.

It is very rightly said that the lines of luck is just in our mind and not on our forehead. Time changes but not with just luck but hard and smart work. You need to be quick in fetching the opportunities in front of you before someone else does it.

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Acquaintance and knowing someone are always different isn’t it? When you say you are acquainted with someone, it means somewhat like: “Yeah, I have seen him downtown and we exchange Morning greetings everyday.” While, we say that we know someone, we generally mean: Oh definitely I know where Ellie gets her morning coffee from, and yes, she loves the extra cocoa powder on it too.” Do you agree?

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Yes, so here we are, back in the reality of the world, Social Media. (Just quoting today’s virtual world’s truth). No matter what you do, where you are, what you want from the world or what you imagine,social media has become the unimaginable and unfathomable reality of our lives.But, at The Panel Station, we make sure your every encounter on Social Media with us becomes a rewarding one!

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Are we good here? Ready to add milestones of extraaa reward points in your account? Awesome! Now, what do you do with the money you earn extra and specially in a holiday season? Here are few ideas that definitely can turn your holiday in to a joyous and amazing one:

Get the heart of Christmas celebration right with the right delicacies

Want to go for a travel some other time? No worries, you can turn your home or wherever you are into a travel destination and add innovative ideas to the decor this Holiday.

Read this blog to know more:

Christmas Home Decor and Gift ideas – 2018

Have something more in mind that we may help you with? Please reply in the comments below.

Until then,

Keep Scrolling! Keep Exploring! Keep Winning!

Nothing can beat the feeling of Christmas Holidays. Isn’t it? And there are as many ways to celebrate as there is the count of people on earth. (We might not be accurate with numbers but you  got the emotion, right? 😉 )

According to us at The Panel Station, the most important part of any celebration is the food. Food that you prepare and food that you choose to eat during a Christmas holidays, must be innovative, super tasty, easy to cook and definitely easier to eat. So here are the few easiest food recipes for Christmas which you can easily serve on the plate and satisfy your taste buds. Oh my my! They are too yummy to handle:

The Mini Christmas treat: Anyone for Pita Pizzas?

So, this one recipe is highly recommended for your Christmas party. All you need to do is have a Pita base and spread the pizza sauces along with Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Chocolate pretzels are almost like a party in itself. Not adding this to your easy, crazy and fast recipe list this holiday season might be equal to committing a sin (no, not real sin but we were just trying to make sure pretzels get your attention 😉 ) How do you go ahead with this recipe:

  1. Get some pretzels and chocolates along with some decorative edible items to wrap the already amazing pretzel and make it the showstopper this festive season. (Quantity can vary in regards to your guest list or children list).
  2. Now, melt some chocolates and dip the pretzels in the chocolates. Within 6 seconds cover the chocolate dipped pretzels with the decorative edibles you got for dressing.

The kids and even the adults will go crazy over this tiny beautiful, yummy and joyous treat this Christmas Holiday!


When your home is filled with fun and the outer world is as beautiful as a fairy tale depiction, all you need is a big-big food treat. A Snowman can definitely serve your purpose for the big sweet treat in Christmas.All you need to do is:

Follow the same recipe as you do for regular cheese cake and multiply it by the number of people.

  • The trick is not to put it in a tray in 2D method but a 3D one. The sculpturing of Snowman is where the exact excitement lies. Call in all the members and let them get as creative as they can.

In case you know baking very well or if a friend does, you can turn it into a majestically sweet experience.


Who doesn’t like a stuffed bun? Especially when it’s a holiday season and there are multiple occasions when you just wish you can treat the guests with something special, easy and fast to prepare. All you need  to do is:

  1. Make a dough with flour, sugar, salt, egg, olive oil.
  2. In another bowl mix chicken, cheese, bell peppers, rosemary, basil leaves, salt, red chilli powder, pepper and refrigerate it for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Now, turn the dough into small balls and give it the Christmas special shapes and fill it with chicken mix we just created.

PS: Shape it in  a Christmas Tree or a Christmas Star. You can even bake an entire Christmas tree stuffed with chicken.


A Christmas celebration is never complete without wine and salad. However, we will guide you to the healthiest and amazing Christmas salad recipe. Believe us, this will add up to your bright decor with it’s astonishing looks and it’s taste.

This is how it begins:

You are free to use any ingredient including Potato,Beetroot, Apple, Sliced fennel, Orange, Almonds, Walnuts, Spinach, Radish etc.Just make sure, the vegetables, fruits or ingredients you are choosing are for winters.

JUST TO MAKE IT BETTER you can create dressing with Sour cream, Vinegar, Olive oil and herbs. and just before you serve, you decorate the same just like a Christmas in a bowl.

Is Christmas getting too expensive on your wallet? We will help you manage the pressure on your wallet and make Christmas Holiday less expensive an affair? You can pay for the essentials using PayPal with the vouchers from us. Here are the tricks to increase your points:

  1. Update your profile regularly.
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  3. Follow us and Participate in our Social Media Contests.

Want to know more about the hacks to earn more about The Panel Station? Read our blog on:

Work from home and greet the extra money!

Want to have a wonderful time this holiday? Explore with us the beauty of USA. Read our blog on:

Best places to visit in USA this Christmas

Christmas is a season where the world turns into a stage for the Santa to bless us all and spread the happiness. We are here to add that extra happiness to your holiday season. Find out the 3 best ways to turn your Christmas Home Decor into a carnival:

Vintage Decor, the nostalgic Santa

We might be in 21st century but our heart always beats for our history. And so does the 2018 Christmas home decor trend feels this year. Revamp your home for the holiday long decor that brings smile to your visitors’ faces.

How lovely to see your decor being admired for something of its own kind, is too amazing to think of. Here’s what you got to do:

  • Use the steel buckets and plant the Christmas trees (can be real or a representation). You can paint them white for the love of winter. (#GameOfThrones on your mind?).
  • Decorate the trees with candles, lanterns and pastries.
  • You can gift these hand decorated or handmade items to your loved ones. Let them have a decor show too

Have some ideas that can make the vintage feel,feel better? Comment below and the best idea gets bonus reward points. And also a chance to be featured in our next blog.

Christmas Decor with Mother Nature

Earth has been facing a lot of issues which we all need to solve together. Let’s make it a Recycle Christmas this year. Find out how to make the Christmas Home Decor Environment Friendly in 2018:

  1. Use the cardboards for cutting down the tree shapes ‘ hang in there’ decorations. You can get more innovative by turning it into a lantern by shaping into four walls (Attaching the four different pieces today with center having a place for the candle). Use home made candles to give it the final touch.
  2. Use papers (even the used from your paper bin can be used) for making wreaths.
  3. Use Flowers and muffins to decorate the Christmas trees.
  4. Use metal wires and hang the candle lanterns with its support.
  5. Cut out wood stars from the neighborhood park and make it worth a while
  6. Use a recycled paper canvas and paint or invite the best painter (obviously who will do it for free 😛 ) and get the Santa Claus on his Sledge added to the home decor set this Christmas.
  7. Wrap the books with left out wrapping paper and give the Christmas Home Decor a Geek Look.

Have some more creative ideas in mind? Share with us. As mentioned before, the best answer gets a chance to win special bonus points from us and a feature in the next blog in this section.  Loved it? Share this idea with your family and friends and spread Recycle Christmas mission across.

Work from home and greet the extra money!

Keep Scrho-ho-holing!

Oh, how lovely this season is!

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How To Register With The Panel Station: Up For Some Extraaa Money!

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